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Upcoming Workshop

Crafting Type, Understanding Fonts

  • Creating a Typeface from Sketch Through Software
  • with Dave Crossland
  • in Edmonton, AB
  • from Aug 27-31, 2012

Update: Dave will also be joined by additional instructors Eben Sorkin and Octavio Pardo!

Dave Crossland is a UK-based type designer, best known for creating the Cantarell typeface: a beautiful contemporary Humanist sans serif. He perfected his craft of type design during his study of MA Typeface Design over 2 years in the Department of Typography at the University of Reading (UK) and is currently working as ‘Font Consultant’ to the Google Web Fonts project.

This workshop will focus on the entire process of creating a typeface: proper paper sketching techniques; digital font creation; OpenType features and more. By the end of the five days, you will have all the tools to complete your typeface family you started in this workshop; plus, we’ll even talk about the business side of type design.

Get your ticket today (seats are limited), or learn more at craftingtype.com!

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